15th Anniversary Edition

2015coverRGB.SmWell we are getting pretty excited as the new 2015 Guide is on the press right now and is expected to ship to us within the next 2 weeks.

For those who have pre-ordered the guide, you will find it in your mail box before May 1st. We are all set to bag & label for your orders just as soon as we receive it! Select motorcycle dealerships and retailers will have it available for sale between May 18th-30th.

We will post a list of retailer locations as soon as everything is confirmed with our distributor, to find a location near you.

It’s been a great ride over the past 15 years, so you will find a few trips down memory lane in the photo sections. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to pre-order to be sure to get a copy, just click the bar at the top of the page and we will add you to the early shipment!

Here’s to a great season on 2 wheels… the rush of being back behind the handlebars, feeling the wind and sun on your face…the sheer fun of just taking a day to ride to be alone, or to spend with friends to help another in need.

Riding is always a new adventure….and you all do it well.

Show Weekend in Halifax

Despite the latest onslaught of that now hated “white Stuff”; the spring Motorcycle and Powersport Atlantic Show is going ahead on schedule!

Come and escape the shovelling for a few hours and dream of warm breezes and SUNSHINE behind the handlebars! All the latest bikes and equipment will be on display from the manufacturers. It’s time to dream or make a decision about your next ride.

To save a dollar on admission, visit here:

Hope to see you over the weekend!

The Bikers Down Memorial event at Monte’s Saturday night is CANCELLED. For those with tickets, an announcement will be made concerning the new date.

Wendy & Harold Nesbitt


Enter the Show n/Shine

Motorcycle and Powersport Atlantic want YOU to enter their Show n’Shine on the Main floor at Exhibition Park, Halifax from March 20-22, 2015! Everyone that acts quickly to enter will receive a Weekend Pass to the event.








For more information:



Will spring ever come?

I know lots of us are well-rounded and like all the seasons….BUT this is becoming ridiculous! I keep hoping that my dreams each night will be of a much warmer theme, with blue skies and a stretch of ashphalt stretched out before me, instead of shovels and snow banks.

Before the lastest snowstorm this past weekend (Feb. 13-15), thousands attended The Motorcycle Show in Moncton, NB. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth for a chat and a laugh, and I imagine we will see some of you next at the Motorcycle & Powersport Show at Exhibition Park in Halifax, March 20-22.

Meanwhile we have pictures from the Motorcycle Show in Moncton now at SmugMug and you can view here in case you missed the show.

Till then, keep the faith, spring is inevitable.

Happy Holidays Everyone