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August Touring Rider Program NEWSLETTER

Here is the line-up of discounts and events for AUGUST across Atlantic Canada.


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Cape Breton loses an icon in massive fire

Cape Breton has lost an iconic lodge with the fiery destruction of the grand Inverary Lodge in Baddeck.

I have stayed many times at this beautiful resort, even the top floor of the main lodge that collapses in this video.

I can’t believe it is gone. Click link below to view fire.

August Touring Rider Newsletter

Here are your summer savings for AUGUST in the Touring Rider Program. Remember to show your card at check-in and ask for the Touring Rider Program discount at our participating sponsors throughout Atlantic Canada.


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Make it Atlantic Canada this summer!

Our article on riding in Atlantic Canada in the June edition of WingWorld.




Ride and save this summer!

Start planning your summer rides and join the Touring Rider Program to save while you explore Atlantic Canada.

It’s soon time to Winterize

We all hate to let go of the handlebars and try to squeak out as many fall rides as we can before the dreaded snow & ice is upon us. That’s just human nature, but you can start thinking about getting ready for that day when the temps are down & snow is in the forecast.  You want to protect your investment and be on the road next spring with no hassle….so you’ve got to take the plunge and follow the Ten Simple Steps to Winterize Your Motorcycle:

 1) Surface Prep

Washing your bike when nobody will see it for a few months anyway can be a drag, but giving your bike a thorough cleaning before storage is important; letting bug guts or water spots sit on your paint can corrode the finish permanently. Wash your bike and dry it completely to get all the moisture off the surfaces (an electric leaf blower is a great way to get all the nooks and crannies really dry.)

Add a coat of wax, which will act as a barrier against moisture and rust. Finally, spray exposed metal surface with WD-40 to displace all moisture and give them a protective coating against corrosion.

2) Change the Oil and Filter

Change your oil and filter. It’s better for your lubrication system to have fresh oil sitting in it for several months than to have used, broken down oil in it. The last thing you’ll want to do when riding season begins is change the oil before you can go ride. Using a winter weight oil like 5W30 can help it start up easier come spring time as well.

If you’re going to be storing your bike for a long time (4-6 months or more) you will want to protect your engine’s internals against moisture by coating them lightly with oil. You may not be able to see it with your naked eye, but the cold winter air is perfect for moisture to gather in your engine and cause rust to form on your pistons and cylinder walls.

Remove the spark plugs and put a little squirt (about a tablespoon) of engine oil into the holes, then turn your engine over a few times to coat the cylinder walls by spinning the rear wheel with the bike in gear. Once everything is coated, replace the spark plugs.

3) Lube Moving Parts

Keeping moving parts lubed during the winter helps to keep moisture from building up on them and causing any rusting or binding. Any part of your motorcycle that needs to be lubed at any point should be lubed again before storage. Some parts to check are: chain drive, cables, controls, fork surfaces, and any other pivot points.

4) Prep Fuel System

Gas tanks have a tendency to rust when not in use, and untreated pump gas breaks down and becomes gummy over time. To prevent rusting and make sure your fuel is ready to run after a few months in storage, you’ll want to fill your tank completely with fuel treated with a fuel stabilizer.

On your last ride of the season, stop in at the gas station nearest to where you will be storing your bike and add the proper amount of fuel stabilizer, then top off the tank. A full tank will keep moisture from building up on the tank walls, and adding the stabilizer before the short ride home will help mix the gas and stabilizer together and run it through your fuel system before storage.

5) Safeguard the Battery

Batteries have a tendency to self-discharge when sitting over time, especially when they remain hooked up to the bike. The easiest way to combat this is to hook up a battery tender to monitor the charge and keep the battery topped off without overcharging. Normally you should pull the battery from the bike for storage, but with a smart tender you can also connect the tender with the battery left in the bike. Before doing this, make sure the electrodes are clean and corrosion free; if necessary, clean them off and give them a light coating of grease.

6) Protect your Tires

If your tires are left to sit in the same position all winter long, they could develop flat spots. Keeping the tires off of the ground will prevent this, so if you have motorcycle stands put the bike up on them for storage. If you don’t have stands, try to get at least the rear tire off the ground, or you can rotate your tires by rolling your motorcycle slightly every few weeks. If you need to leave your tires down on concrete, put a piece of carpet or plywood under them to keep any moisture from seeping into them.

7) Check Coolant/Anti-freeze

If you’ll be storing your bike somewhere that gets below freezing, make sure you have adequate levels  of anti-freeze in your coolant system. This is very important; if your coolant system freezes, you could come back to a cracked head in the spring!

8) Plug Out Pests

Mice and other rodents are notorious for hiding from the cold inside exhaust pipes and making homes out of air filters. If order to avoid any furry surprises when it’s time to ride again, plug up your pipes with an exhaust plug  or you can also simply stuff your air intake and the ends of your exhaust with some plastic bags – but do use bright colored bags or tie something to them so you don’t forget take them out when you fire up the bike!

9) Keep it Covered

With your motorcycle fully prepped for winter,  a quality motorcycle cover will not only keep dust off the bike, but will keep the moisture out so it doesn’t get trapped underneath it, and create corrosion or rust. If you’re storing it outside, be sure to get a cover with tie downs to prevent it from blowing loose in wind. If you’re storing it inside you’re in much better shape, but you should still use a cover to prevent dust from building up on it.

10) Theft Protection

If you’re storing your bike outside, bear in mind that being parked unattended for months at a time makes it an easy target for theft. In addition to protecting your bike from weather, using a cover will conceal it from view, and securing it with a heavy lock and chain can give you some peace of mind. If you are storing your bike anywhere it can be accessed by others,  consider investing in some security measures.

TRP Savings Newsletter Aug-Nov

Here is your newsletter with the latest savings & rallies to attend before the season ends.


Ride along the Cabot Trail as H-D celebrates Canada’s 150th

What an adventure!

View our friend Daniel Ross in the H-D series of celebrating Canada’s 150 as they tour the Cabot Trail.

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June & July Newsletter

Sorry for the delay, we’ve been really busy and just back from the Americade in Lake George, New York.

This newsletter covers the end of June and month of July for events and includes our touring rider sponsor offers to save you money as you travel throughout Atlantic Canada.

To download and print or to read just click here June.July.2017

2017 Guide on shelves Canada-wide

Americade Grand Prize Trip to Nova Scotia

2017 GRAND PRIZE ITINERARY – 13 Days/12Nights in NOVA SCOTIA This Grand Prize package is provided by the DEANS Tourism Association, with special thanks to other service providers across the province; Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada, and the Cat Ferry. Valid for use from July 31, 2017 – August 12, 2017. Prize package includes: accommodations, meals, admissions to attractions, and much more along two of Canada’s best known seacoasts: Nova Scotia’s Eastern and Northumberland Shores; plus you will explore Fundy Shores & Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton Island, the Halifax Metro area and Yarmouth & Acadian Shores. Cruise! The Cat Ferry Service has provided round-trip passage for 2 adults and a motorcycle each way, with all fees and surcharges. Food, beverages, gratuities, or other onboard services are not included. Departs Portland, Maine on July 31st and then departs Yarmouth August 12th for return trip to Portland. (Sailing time is approx.5.5 hours) IMPORTANT: Your passport numbers will be required at time of booking confirmation for the Cat Ferry and passports must be presented when entering Canada and on your return to the US. Your direct contact info is in the prize package. Just click on each page below to view details.