About the Artist


Harold Nesbitt has been painting with oils since his teenage years after receiving his first paint set at Christmas from his parents. Living in the small fishing community of Little River on Digby Neck, Nova Scotia; his first paintings were of the rugged seacoast and fishing scenes, depicting life along Nova Scotia’s shores.

Owning both a 1959 BSA and Harley-Davidson flathead in his teens, ink and charcoal illustrations of motorcycles were also a favourite past time and hobby over the years.

In the early 70’s Harold graduated from Commercial Art Studies and began a successful Graphic Arts Studio and Graphic Film Shop, which he ran together with his wife Wendy for over 30 years; before beginning his next passion…the multi-award winning publication Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia.

Harold has continued to enjoy motorcycles and while in his 50’s obtained his racing license to participate in the Parts Canada Superbike Championships at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, as a media rider covering the event. Imagine his joy as he stood on the raceway podium to accept third place in the Honda CBR125R Challenge with Canada’s best!

Harold’s oil paintings reflect the passion he feels for motorcycling and his fond memories of riding in Nova Scotia.