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This post was written by Wendy on August 7, 2013
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Just received a really nice letter from a lady who rides:
Name removed for privacy

Hi Wendy,  I am married and a mother of three great kids. I am a RN and I wanted to thank you and your Hubby, Harold, for putting together such a wonderful guide for motorcycling!

I had a new 2013 copy, however, I gave it away the same day I bought it when I bought new T-bag luggage in Moncton at Toys for Big Boys, early July this yr. I saw a young NY motorcycling couple who were travelling up through NB on their way to NS Canso Music festival. I met them at Alma, NB Fundy Nat’l Park, on their own bikes last month on my way back to Saint John, NB. They said they were unable to get a copy, and appreciated the one I gave them. We talked about our bikes, had a nice fish supper and were on our way.

Your guide brought us together for a great chat! SOOOO, when I made my way on vacation last week to NS from Saint John, NB, solo, on my Harley, I used your 2012 Guide! I wanted to ride the whole Cape Breton coastline and I DID it, 2100 kms, in 5 days, with a 740km ride home on Thursday Aug 1, at 1 pm after a fabulous morning tour of Fortress Louisbourg. I arrived home weary but excited at 1 am Fri morn. I only stopped for gas and 2 burgers and then later a coffee in Sussex, NB, lol!

This is my 5th year having your guides. I made my way from Saint John, NB Sunday, July 27 by noon, crossed the Tantramar Marsh and headed along the Sunrise trail. I had packed my new T-bag, small tent and sleeping bag and away I went. Your guide was invaluable to me the whole ride!! Thank you, thank you! The maps were easy to follow and the summaries and bolded route numbers of towns, etc, made it easier navigation. Suggestions on accomodations and places to eat and visit were great as well!The only time I had a problem was finding the coast along Glace Bay after getting some food. I eventually found it with a couple stops to ask wonderful people. I also visited many beaches, including Dominion beach here. I stayed at Cheticamp camping in the Park, Cheticamp lighthouse restaurant– le Gabrielle had fantastic fish, dessert and live music and open mic. I did find it very windy in Cheticamp with some showers and had to pull off a couple times when the winds were high. It had a Timmy’s though, yay! Fantastic views, just a sweet, Sweet town! I was cautioned by an elderly man NOT to hije alone in the Park, especially on the Skyline trail as that is where the young lady was attacked by coyotes. I thanked him. I didn’t see anything but a couple cats trotting along coastal routes. No wildlife other than many bird species, and I was just as happy. We see enough deer and moose and foxes and porcupines, etc while riding in NB, lol! LOVED the Highlands and the 3 main mountains! So high up! It was really sunny and hot too, which made it nice before that rain in Igonish. North Sydney, and just outside Louisbourg at Lakeview Treasure Campground. I did find the ride along the coastal rte from Gabarus to Pnt Michaud L O N G lol, but relaxing. I am glad I listened to a man who told me to Gas up first! My sportster has a bigger tank than a peanut, however, still not as big as the bagger bikes! takes $15 to fill it with Premium gas.

Along the way, the people of Cape Breton were very fun and lively to chat with and very helpful. They are quite the rowdy, funny bunch at 5 am at Timmy’s! I made my way off the beaten path to Meat Cove campground and had the best real chicken sandwich ever!! They also have 4 new wood cabins along the right hillside across from the restaurant at $70/nt. It is also licensed now! it was a wild ride in on my bike, however, being a girl that grew up on trailbikes and horses, made it easier and fun. The view was sooo worth it! I got to watch the teens jump of the Mira Bridge, as it is mentioned in the Rankin song. I crossed the Englishtown ferry, scrambling for $5.50 in the pouring rail, lol! Very pretty there with all the stones along the edge beaches. I went to N. Sydney and Sydney, never knew Sydney was so big! Many bikes already riding around anticipating the Bike Rally. I went to Kennington Cove in Louisbourg, a 10km bike ride down a dirt rd to beautiful scenery on 2 beaches! I met some great people there and a lady and her children invited me to their home for a Corona! lol and a roof for a couple hrs! After that, I ate at the “red bus’, great fish and chips and onion rings with a small liquor store conveniently located beside it. I bought my 2 strawberry dacquiries to enjoy later at the campground while waiting for my fish to cook, lol! The only gas here was 4 mi outside town off the HWY by the Lakeview Treasure Campground. Very biker friendly campground with a beautiful water view. I did find gas easily, however, my bike didn’t like the regular that was only available at times and the engine would “knock’ lol, and lose compression on lg hills at times.

I kept a gas diary and each time I gassed up I would write down where I was, kms and cost of gas. It cost me $180 in gas from Saint John, NB return. I did bring the 104 back to Truro then to NB as it was faster coming back.

Again, thank you! Just a little story I thought you might be interested in as your Guide made it possible for another unfamiliar biker to feel confident, have fun, see the most she could, in her NS journey!! I hope to return to do it all over again, this time with my hubby on his Harley! lol


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