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Excerpt from our column Let’s Ride, Wheels section of the Chronicle Herald, April 16, 2009

Green is a symbol of many things in today’s hectic world. It is the long awaited sign of spring, associated with money and success, and of course saving our planet through recycling and safer lifestyle measures.

But have you ever considered it to be the colour of speed and performance? Kawasaki is making history with their green machine, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R.

IMG_3753 copy

Back at the office, Matt sits astride the Ninja ZX10R

This motorcycle exemplifies the true definition of a sport bike, built for the track and civilized for the street. Named the fastest production motorcycle on the planet in 2008, the Kawasaki ZX10R is extremely compact and lightweight.

Harold has ridden many sport bikes, and always admired their sleek lines and performance, both on and off the track.

Then Richard Murray of Sackville Motorsports gave Harold the opportunity to experience the incredible Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R for a day last fall.

The ZX10R is powered by a 998cc liquid-cooled engine, with two digital fuel injectors per cylinder, creating earth shaking low end torque and stratospheric top end performance. Imagine approximately 160hp on a motorcycle weighing in at only 488 lbs/208 kg.

Harold’s comments on this remarkable motorcycle follow: “My blood pressure began to rise as soon as I hit the start button and an authoritive deep growl filled the air.

After familiarizing myself with the overall motorcycle in the parking lot, checking brake and throttle response, I decided to hit the road. For the next few miles I practiced braking and gear shifting, amazed at how soon I felt very comfortable on this powerful Ninja.

High performance motorcycles can give you the feeling of  ‘being one’ with the machine. The motorcycle becomes an extension of your body, and everything feels just right as it instantly responds to your every move.

On this lively Ninja, twisting the throttle will result in an unbelievable burst of speed and G-forces can be felt even as it speeds away from a cruising speed of fifty miles an hour.

Fast motorcycles require very responsive brakes and I soon found that even at highway speeds, the ZX10R would still ‘nearly stop on a dime.’

The Kawasaki ZX10R features dual semi-floating petal disks with duel four piston radial mount calipers up front and a single 220mm single piston aluminum rear brake.

The front brake is used most of the time and you do not have to pull the brake lever very hard to stop this bike. The brakes are very responsive and are truly characteristic of a racing motorcycle.

Thank you Richard Murray of Sackville Motorsports! The Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R is hands down the most exciting and fastest motorcycle I have ever ridden“.

IMG_3758 copySpeed and racing fame are responsible for the increased popularity in the ZX10R recently. 30 year-old Jordan Szoke, on Kawasaki’s racing team has had an outstanding season riding this model at race tracks all across Canada.

Szoke has captured five Superbike titles, winning the last three (2006-2008) riding the Kawasaki ZX10R; and is closing in on the legendary Steve Crevier who has six Superbike titles in total.

ZX10R Specifications:
Engine: 4 stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, in line four
Displacement: 998cc
HP: approx. 160
Torque: 113@8,700 rpm
Compression Ratio: 12.9:1
Transmission: 6 speed
Final Drive: Chain
Frame Type: aluminum perimeter
Curb weight: 208kg, 458.6lbs
Front Brake: Duel semi-floating 310mm petal discs with dual four piston
radial mount calipers
Rear Brake: Single 220mm petal disc with single piston aluminum caliper
Fuel Capacity: 17 litres/3.7 gallons

For more information on the exciting Ninja ZX10R, contact Sackville Motorsports at 902-252-3800 or your nearest Kawasaki dealer.

It is shaping up to be a very busy season for motorcyclists this summer. We have many new rides all across the province and of course some big rallies to look forward to.

So get your motorcycle out of the garage and start preparing for riding lots of miles this summer. Check your fluids, charge and/or replace your battery and ensure your tires have a good tread, free of wear pattern or other damage. Preventative and regular maintenance will ensure a safe riding season and the headaches of unplanned breakdowns.

Don’t let a beautiful sunny day catch you with a dead battery or a flat tire, or you will be caught mowing the lawn and doing chores while everyone else drives by!

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